5% of all Book Proceeds will be Donated to the American Diabetes Association

Kathy “Sugar Free Girl” Williams

Kathy “Sugar Free Girl” Williams

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Diabetes Prevention Through Sugar Free Living


Kathy "Sugar Free Girl" Williams, Lifestyle Coach for Diabetes Prevention

I help with patients diagnosed with gestational or pre-diabetes and people who just want to kick the sugar habit prevent diabetes through Sugar Free Living

Oh, So Sweet to Live Sugar Free, Five Success Strategies to Eliminate the Progression to Diabetes

Oh, So Sweet to Live Sugar Free

The book walks you through Kathy's journey to reverse her pre-diabetes diagnosis in FIVE Simple Steps

Want Success Strategies To:

  • Reverse your Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis
  • Sustain Your Weight Loss
  • Reduce Your HbA1c
  • Shrink Your Waistline

 5% of all Book proceeds will be donated to the American Diabetes Association 


It's Time to Make a Lifestyle Change!

Think of Kathy as your "Sugar Shrink", helping shift your mindset about sugar; and shrink your sugar consumption, waistline and cravings. 

  I have a Passion for People and am on a mission to prevent Diabetes in 1M People. Join Sugar Free Nation on everything Social to get heath tips on sugar free living.  Sugar Free Nation is a fast growing community of men and women who are among the Health Elite.  

Your Diabetes Prevention Strategist for "Team You"!

Kathy "Sugar Free Girl" Williams

Bio of Kathy "Sugar Free Girl" Williams, Diabetes Prevention Strategist and author

Lifestyle Coach for Diabetes Prevention Specialist

Snacks with 5 grams of Sugar of Less


Drinks with 5 grams of Sugar of Less


"How I Live Sugar Free"

"Sugar Free Girl" gives practical tips to maintain a "Sugar Free Life"

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